AspNetDating 6.5 features

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AspNetDating 6.5 is now feature complete and is already in the testing phase. We expect to release it within two weeks. There are hundreds of changes under the hood and we've listed some of the more notable changes below: 

New features 

  • Option "Only paid members can read e-mail". If enabled then free members will see "upgrade to read" text instead of the actual message. 
  • Option "Auto approve classifieds"
  • Option "Maximum number of active classifieds per user"
  • Support for comments on the home page user events (similar to Facebook)
  • Billing plan option whether users can view explicit photos
  • Photo capture via webcam
  • Added "Relationship status" user field. Users can select if they are "Single", "In a relationship", "Engaged", "Married", "It's complicated", "In an open relationship". The user can also specify the other user in that relationship and a link will be shown on their profile.
  • Users can post their status updates directly to Facebook
  • Users can easily invite their friends from Facebook
  • User events page that shows all the recent events and details for that user
  • Option to generate square thumbnails (crop if necessary)
  • Option to disable gender information (for single-gender or other sites that do not need the gender info)
  • Option to disable the age information (for sites that do not need the age/birthday info)
  • Experimental support for "lazy load" for images
  • Integrated in-site translation for messages and profiles (using Google Translate API)
  • Ability to specify which profile questions are editable by paid users only
  • Ability to specify which profile questions are visible by paid users only
  • Added support for social bookmarking via AddThis (over 50 services including: Blogger, Delicious, Digg, Facebook, Google Bookmarks, Live, MySpace, StumbleUpon, Twitter, and many more)

 Upgraded features

  • Ability to send announcements per region
  • Banners can be targeted by country, state, city, gender, paid status, age and non-logged visitors
  • The admin part and user part translations are now separated
  • The import friends from e-mail feature now allows users to select which friends they want to invite
  • Added color picker to the edit skins page
  • Gadget file names can be changed from the settings
  • Showing new e-cards in the Vista gadgets
  • SEO Meta tags support for the Classifieds section
  • Users can change their albums visibility
  • Users are notified when another member gives them access to private content
  • Existing users can link their account with Facebook
  • FaceFinder plugin is now 100% managed code
  • Better caching for the banner
  • All javascripts are combined in a single load for up. Page load time is shortened by 40-60%
  • The payment with credits system now supports charging for chat, blog post, send e-card, view videos, view photos

 Cosmetic changes

  • Users are automatically redirected to edit their profile after the registration is completed
  • Replaced FCKEditor with the Ajaxtoolkit html editor
  • Combined the "Find mutual friends" and "Find a connection" features