Profile Import Script?

Submitted 5/7/2011 by Jeff Kershner 1 out of 1 users found this topic helpful

Has anyone created any kind of import script or code that will insert users from a data source (like CSV) to their dating site?  I would need something that would create the users, fill out the profile and upload any pictures.

I email this question as well.  I will post whatever those helpful people come up with as well.





Jeff, we have created plenty of scripts for customers who have migrated from other software to AspNetDating

7/5/2011 2:32:33 PM +03:00
m s nuttall: 

other scripts offer webmasters the import scripts to download free - this makes sense to get other script users to move to aspnetdating

9/6/2011 11:07:59 PM +03:00