All of you who have started datingsites. What is your experience of building customer database? Easy? Difficult? Ideas?

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What is your experience of building customer database?  Easy? Difficult? Ideas?


Brian Crawford: 

I am running a Christian dating site and the user database has proved to be a challenge to say the least.  The site features and software are engaging for the users and I have received many of my users (about 250) though referrals of members who have signed on already.  The search engines are a real issue.  Gone on the days that you pop some meta tags onto a page and get the keyword density right and off you go.  SEO requires a dedicated plan, link building and perseverance. Oh also money and a good amount of it.

The few new signups that I receive is from a small amount of Yahoo pay per click marketing that I do.  I can only afford a little and prefer to think that organic traffic will be coming soon.  I added a bunch of pages with FAQ and articles as well as submitting to article directories and directories on the web and have seen very poor SEO results for nearly a year now.

If I were to make a suggestion to the programmers it would be to integrate a forum into the software.  This was the biggest area of feedback that I have received from my users that they like a regular forum not related to any groups where they can just have long conversations with each other.  They also say they prefer threaded style where the relationship of who is posting and responding to who is shown on a tree.

Running the site is kind of fun also.  I think it is necessary for me to seek an SEO professional to help straightened out the search engine issues which I have gotten some pretty high estimates so far.

Any recommendations for quality SEO professionals at a reasonable cost?


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 Building clientele and members is never easy.  It takes networking, some money at times, if done wisely and a whole lot of perserverence.

Although we differ in our approaches or demographics to be more specific, there are common things that can be done to help build a member base.

TALK AND NETWORK with your demographic.  You are running a Christian dating site, talk to the church leaders, lay ministers or even the congregation at your local church.  Maybe ask the church's blessing to hold a singles night, with punch and music and dancing (if allowed int he particular denomination).

Reach out on the internet to Christian groups.  Get the word out on what you are providing for them.  Sites do not spring up from PPC marketing or SEO techniques alone, it takes face time.

It doesn't matter how high you rank on the search engines, your members need to trust you and know you are like them; even sharing the same beliefs, morals and ethics.

No matter what genre you use this software in, the same holds true, so whether it's a Christian dating site, a BDSM site, GLBT site or just another singles site, you have to get out there and be like them, talk to them and gain trust.

No matter what, if I have any doubt, the credit card stays in my wallet.  The AspNetDating software enables you to provide a high quality, user-friendly system to accomplish your goals.  And I am talking about from both an administrative and an end user position.

There are too many FREE ways to get the word out when you condiser Facebook, MySpace and even Twitter.  Let alone the Yahoo groups, message boards or even the good old fashoned cork bulletin board in your local church, dry cleaners or supermarket.


BTW, my competitors hate the features and how well it runs....  Sorry for them.

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Brian Crawford: 

It makes good sense to hit the pavement for the local market which can add to the member base.  The social get togethers could even lead to social events which can provide revenue as well.  Perseverance and patience is necessary for sure.  My website is well received by the users and I connect with them and have great support from the members I do have.  Many of the visitors stop by and login for a few minutes but are not spending much time being activity is low. 

Do have any recommendations for a seo strategy or firm?   I believe that once I can get more traffic to the site, the site activity will jump.  The Aspnetdating software is excellent and useful features being added all the time so I am confident with some adjustments things will work out.

The connecting with the local markets is great advice!


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Geoff : 

This is an excellent topic, and probably AS important as the software itself.  I have been evaluating different dating software providers, and I am impressed with ASPNetDating so far.  There is a "white label" site called DatingFactory which provides you with actual members right from day one, but they take half your revenue and your customization options are very limited.

I would really encourage ASPNetDating to find a way to do the same thing though, or to allow partners to share members somehow.  It's a win / win / win situation, because it benefits users and partners, and will make the ASPNet solution much more attractive also.  -Geoff

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Христо Атанасов: 

The easiest way to get a strong initial database is to invite your friends to register first in your site. All of them. Rich, poor, fat, slim, tall, short, moslem, cristian, ugly or beautiful ... it doesn't metter. Just invite them. Ask them to invite them friends and the friends of them friends. I bet you all know at least 100 people. Open your Skype, Facebook, Twitter, ICQ or whatever and invite all of your friends to sign up. Some of them will reject your invite, but others will register. Tell them it's free (i hope your site is free just for the beginning), they do not loose anything. Tell your friends that you have a great idea, but you need them to help you - just to sign up ... it's free. It is not necessary to upload picture, they can upload some fake picture (it is not recommended) if they want. ADVERTISEMENT! You really need it. Ask your friends to advertise you site. If they have web site, blogs, forums, ask them to upload a baner of your dating site. Make some visit cards of the site and leave it at the shops or cafеs. Search engines and advertisement campaigns. It is the easiest way to tell the others that you have a new site. Billions of people are using internet, reading sites for news, business, weather, searching music or whatever ... your add at that sites will increase you traffic and new members. Use pay-per-click engines and you will have to pay only for the visits of people who are interested of your services. Target your ads at the right place and users like site subject, user interests, user ages, gender ... any of this details is important. That's the way i get my initial database. I am using AspNetDating software from about 9 months. My first users were my friends and the friends of them friends. It wasn't a big deal - about 250 user and most of them were fraud :), I mean that most of them never got back to my site again. I tried spamming other sites - BAD IDEA - nothing just 5 or 6 new users. Then i decided to try facebook pay-per-click ads ... it was a total waste of time. Over 25 000 shows (for 2 weeks) of my ad and only 2 clicks. I was so nervous, so angry ... I have had the best dating software ever and only 250 users. A friend of mine told me to try with google adwords. I tried. It works! Finaly it works. It costs ... a lot, but the result is unbelievable. Hundreds of people visiting my site, about 10 to 30 people registering every 24 hours. All I need now is a big dough to pay for all this clicks ;) 4 moths without advertisement - 400 users, next 4 months with very small amount of money 2 000 users.

Thank you for reading my comment. Ah ... and excuse me for my poor English.

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