Country data

Submitted 7/24/2013 by chris Walker

can the countries.xml file or rather the application code handle both longatude/Latitude Signed degrees format,  ie: 41.25 and -120.9762, -31.96 and 115.84  and DMS + compass direction formats: IE 41 25 01N and 120 58 57W, 41°25'01"N and 120°58'57"W, like most of the data in the xml file.

as geo cites has a huge file of just abut every location. but it is in Signed degrees format,  ie: 41.25 and -120.9762, -31.96


Any comments would be great.


chris Walker : 

it seems to take the -38.8883 and 147.0000 data OK.

does anyone know what the country code 3 diget code is used for ?  it is used anywhere?

7/29/2013 6:06:48 AM +03:00