What is "user assisted face control"?

Submitted 6/23/2009 by Support 2 out of 2 users found this topic helpful

If you're running a highly targeted site (e.g. Fitness singles or LA Blondes) you will have a hard time filtering all the users who are not fit for your site. The user assisted face control feature solves this problem for you by letting your users decide if a candidate is a good fit for the site. Here's how it works - a new user registers to your site, fills in a profile and upload some photos; when that is done the profile is put on hold until the existing users approve or reject it. Each of the existing users will see an "Approve profile" link where they can see all new candidates and give their opinion. Eventually a decision is made based on the majority of the votes. There is a complex algorithm that looks for patterns and removes the option from users who reject everyone (haters), users who approve everyone and users who are simply against everyone else. It is a good practice to enable the voting only for users above certain level so you know that they have spent some time on your site and they know what to do.