How to fight spam?

Submitted 6/23/2009 by Support 2 out of 2 users found this topic helpful
  • Block IPs from Senegal and Nigeria. 99.9% of the registrations from those countries is for spamming purposes.
  • Prevent automatic registrations with CAPTCHA or other anti-bot measures.
  • Manually approve the first few messages for each user. This is by far the most effective method. Spammers will always start spamming right away so you can catch them from the first message. If the first 3 or so messages are fine then the user is most certainly not a spammer.
  • Allow users to report spam. Your users are the best spam detectors.
  • Catch users with multiple repeated similar messages. In most cases a spam account sends multiple messages with the same or similar content. It is a good idea to put on hold those users until you verify them.