Give the automatic matches system and overhaul

Submitted 8/15/2012 by Alan Caddies 1 out of 1 users found this topic helpful

Just about every dating site out there automatically ops a user into weekly automatic matches with a link in the email if they wish to unsubscribe. This is a great way to keep people coming back week after week.

Give the automatic match system a good overhaul and give us many more tweaking options. Let us decide what users will be featured (rating, age, gender etc etc), who gets the emails and how often they are sent.




Rishi Kapoor: Completely agree. I tried asking for this feature from aspnetdating long time back. Hopefully this will be implemented soon.
8/18/2012 1:34:18 AM +03:00
Chris Giles: 

totally agree with this feature. now it can only be implemented if a user saves and checks the option in search.

11/13/2012 3:11:12 PM +02:00
chris Walker : 

that option would be great to have please.

12/7/2013 6:22:37 AM +02:00