Upgrade automatically sent to those who have bought the product

Submitted 9/13/2009 by Hrefna Hjalmarsdottir 1 out of 1 users found this topic helpful

I would like to be informed automatically if an update is made, its not good if one has to visit your site all the time in order to check for updates.  Also where can those who already have bought the product get the update version?  I can't find it anywhere?



 Dear Hrefna,

All new versions are announced on the main page and  the "Announcements" section of this helpdesk. You can also subscribe to receive e-mail notifications for the "Announcements" section.

From AspNetDating 6.5 the new topics are also visible from your admin tool so you can be informed.

The latest versions are always available on our ftp server.

9/14/2009 7:20:02 AM +03:00