Ad payment system

Submitted 10/15/2009 by Mike 1 out of 1 users found this topic helpful

 When a partner agrees to pay for an ad banner, can we do a subscription system for them too?

Based on admins choice of per click, per impression or flat rate per month, even a combination?  Give the advertiser an area like affiliates to see their ad performance and to pay for their ad running?

Maybe even an area for them to sign up to run a banner (subject of course to admin approval) and select where, what, and pay.  Uploading an appropriate banner, add some ALT tag text etc.

This would have to be done with the admins approval, prioritization and scheduling (yes dates and proximity/region etc)


This would allow for a site owner to set a base rate for an ad based on position (where on the site), priority (sequence of ads etc) and margin.