Be able to build custom match making suited to the site.

Submitted 11/24/2009 by Jason Lambert

It would be good if there was a matchmaking feature and be able to customize it in admin area,, as example, were we can write a question and allocate so many points, in return giving us a unique match making system suited for our customers. I could be build in a similiar way to how we set up registraion questions.


The EuropeanKiss Team: 

To add to the "Match Fields" you currently have implemented in v6.5, I think having a component section that automatically displays a list of matches based on the answers the users gave to our "Match Field" questions and show the users gender preference. We the admin should have the option of specifying if the matches should be local to the user (x number of km's, city, region, country or site wide)

12/28/2009 5:42:34 PM +02:00