Display name - Username Change

Submitted 1/18/2010 by Bill Hart

Currently, the username (display name when user is loggged on) is permanent, cant be changed.  It is standard practice on most dating sites to allow the user to change their display name to whatever they desire as long as it is unique from all other display names in use on the site.

We need the ability for the user to change their display name "at will" from their settings menu. Tthe system should then check for availability and if available, change all information (reconcile) emails, currently stored in the inbox of other reciepients, group memberships, classified adds etc... so that there is no indescrepencies or loss of system integrity.

Additionally, there could be a lockout period determined by the administrator that will not allow the old Display name to be (re) used or reassigned to anyone else for a given period of time! This will protect users from inadvertantly sending mail to someone the believed was someone else!





I agree, but I think the admin should have the option of either allowing the member to change it, or restricting changes to the admin after a request.  Possibly allowing a change for the member in xxx days of their last change.


1/19/2010 2:10:25 AM +02:00
Bill Hart: 

Sounds good to me... it would be cool if instead of the username being the primary key, that there was a serialized unique membership ID that was used. That would allow us to track payments to a particular user no matter whether he changes is real name, is display name or email address.

1/21/2010 12:23:23 AM +02:00
Shane Knight: 

I agree, most site allow you to chnage your display name and a serialized ref would be better in the long run.

7/30/2010 4:29:04 PM +03:00