Better SEO URL rewriting

Submitted 2/4/2010 by Elad Rave 1 out of 2 users found this topic helpful

I think that there should be improvment in the URL rewriting.

For example - I'd like the website to be like this: = showuser.aspx?uid=myusername = showblogpost.aspx?uid=myusername&bpid=1

This can be done in IIS 7.0 using the new URLrewrite 2.0 module easly, but can be just as easy be done in the app.





AspNetDating has url rewriting compatible with all hostings (including shared hostings) and all IIS versions. While the proposed rewriting style may have some benefits it will severely limit the compatibility and we cannot include it in the main release. Luckily you can use the URLrewrite of IIS 7 so you'll have no problems customizing the rewriting to your preferences.

2/5/2010 8:59:34 AM +02:00
Fernando Moraes: 

 Elad Rave , can you help me with my site url rewriting?

i'd like to use =


Any idea?

11/14/2011 7:56:11 PM +02:00