Chat rooms

Submitted 2/17/2010 by Andrew Handerson

For the chat rooms.  It would be great if when Chat was clicked from the main page there would be an option to easily access any of the other rooms that were available on the site.

For example, now, I go directly to main chat.  If I have my groups set up and I have a chat for "Fun Places" or something, the user currently has to navigate through the groups and drill down to get to that.  

My suggestion is that when Chat is clicked on, a page listing all created chat rooms is presented to them.  From here they can save the time it's going to take them to find out which groups have existing chat rooms.  They see a list like "Main Chat", "Fun Places Chat" ...etc. and then can click on the room from there.


Shane Knight: 

I would also love to see this added in, ive seen this on other sites and it works a treat. Defo the way forward.

7/30/2010 4:25:12 PM +03:00